The SunRay. Built by Sun Microsystems. Quite a nice machine actually... much better than VNC, I think. Anyhow.. here it is...

Note to self: add some more links at the end; more techie stuff, etc...

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The SunRay, sitting next to its monitor; covered in front by a nice healthy pile of programming books, papers, documents, and so on... How productive :)
A closer view of the SunRay.
I have written a driver program and login-type program that may be of use for the SunRay projects. When I consider that the code is release-ready I'll put it here. Note: This can include if someone wants to take over the project, I'll give them the code and step back as a technical advisor to the project. I have many other things of interest and not all of them seem to get my time any more. Also might be of interest: