I do a lot of programming in my spare time. Almost all of it in C; though sometimes, as necessity dictates, I find Perl and Bash useful. This is a collection of various self-contained programs I've written. Some are of a general-purpose and useful nature, others are more specific for my requirements, but I've put them here anyway in case they are of use to others.

A perl distribution to perform asynchronous filehandle IO and other operations
Work in progress
A small utility to allow background scripts to interact with a user, even if the script does not have a terminal or X11 connection
Combine the benefits of an IRC bouncer, or irssi+screen, with a proper local GUI client
A C library implementation of a family of functions similar to perl's pack and unpack functions.
C library for properly handling keyboard input in a generic way
Full-screen terminal application library
An abstract library implementation of a VT220/xterm/ECMA-48 terminal emulator.
A daemon which monitors the default route for the system to ensure it still works.
A GTK/Pango-based terminal that uses libvterm to provide terminal emulation.
A remote object publish/subscriber model meant for applications where a single publisher is desirable.
Set an X11 Window Icon if an application fails to provide one