A project aimed at building some nice speakers... because I'd much rather make something nice than buy it :)
The drivers and front panel. The drivers in question are a 5 1/2 inch Audax bass/midrange and a 2 inch Audax tweeter.
Note to self: Add link to Audax's site here.. esp. specs for these speakers.
The drivers, now positioned (rather loosely I might add) in the front panel, just to see the effect.
Ahh. One of my better creations to date. Here we see some Van Damme 4-core 2.5mm2 loudspeaker cable attached to some regular 4-pin DIN plugs. They laughed at me and said it could not be done. Well, who's laughing now, eh? HAHAHA!!
The hub of all matters electronic. Pretty self-explainatary, really...
Another mid-work test... Now, the drivers are again placed in the half-completed cabinet. I've sprayed it in aluminium paint... nice effect :)
The cabinet seen from the back.
Shock Horror! An action picture! Here is.. well.. me.. finishing off a side before glueing / screwing it on.
Here's the cabinet all ready for having the vinyl cloth glued onto it. See the lovely soft rounded edges. They took me aaaages to do with the surform.. The cloth can be seen in the background.
After a disaster of an attempt at gluing on the cloth seen above; I got some new stuff. The problem was that the cotton-backing interfered with the glue and majorly warped the cloth. New un-backed vinyl seems much better. Here can be seen the vinyl, glued to the cabinet, somewhere in the middle of the study... Don't be confused by the other, un-covered cabinet to the left in the picture. That's my dad's...
A closeup of the vinyl, showing it's glittery silverness in all its glory :) Isn't that nice...
The cabinet now is; for want of a better word; done. Finished. Complete. Shame it's not in focus though. I'll try to get a better shot sometime.
A shot of the back of the cabinet, showing the drivers inside, and the foam-tape that will form a seal with the back panel.
Speaking of which; here it is... The DIN socket is glue-gunned in to try to make it airtight. I'm not entirely sure I've achieved this; but it's pretty close.