Linux Router

This project started as a £30 give-away of an old P75 machine from one of the guys at work.
Here's all the parts strewn about the floor. Here I appear to be calling upon the services of the multimeter to make some measurement or other on the powersupply.. can't remember what, offhand..
A somewhat out-of-focus shot of my replacement of the keyboard connector. The connector can be seen as the small white blob... to the right of and above the much longer white blob (the latter being the AT power connector).
Now I have the router up and running, still in the workshop at the moment.. in a rather messy pile on the floor.
Here can be seen the router box on the floor, with associated monitor and keyboard on the desk, next to Cel's blue-coloured equipment.
Note to self: Take photos, make project page on Cel.
A closeup of the router box, now with current meter attached. Apparently the harddrive is pulling 110mA, according to that readout.