Linux is a wonderful system. There's so much you can fiddle with, if things aren't quite right. Here are my hints on how to get things right (in my personal opinion, of course)

Recently someone has pointed out to me the joke in this page. Yes, I know I have no hints here.

<Budrick> LeoNerd: is the "Hints" page on your site meant to be some kind of mildly perverse joke? ;)

I shall be getting around to it sometime, really. As I said earlier, I fry my fish in order of size. One day perhaps things will arrive. For example...

And now... for some actual links.

How to use XTerm with 8-bit characters, including Unicode, and still have Alt keys and other control characters.
Some sensible colours and other useful stuff for XTerm.
A script to help in running multiple concurrent instances of fetchmail.
A new icon theme for the Sylpheed and Sylpheed-Claws email clients.