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Kernel Patches

Linux is a wonderful system. The kernel is available as source code, which means you can fiddle around with it and fix a few random bugs here, add some extra little functionallity there, and so on. Here's some changes I've made to various parts.

Unless otherwise stated, all changes I make are released by me under the GPL.

I've started looking at the 2.6 series kernel, so some patches are available here for 2.6.4

FAT filesystem
As of Kernel 2.4.16, the FAT module's policy on default UNIX permissions for items changed. Before, directories were rwxr-xr-x, files were rw-r--r--, but afterwards, this changed and now even files are executable by default. This patch fixes this behaviour by adding two new mount-time parameters, fmode and dmode which are default permissions (subject to umask) for files and directories, respectively.
Kernel 2.4.26
Kernel 2.4.27
Kernel 2.4.28 (new)
This has now been fixed on 2.6, so this patch is not required there.
Cardreader patch
A tiny patch to the USB mass storage system to allow it to use my USB card reader. Details of the patch can be found here. The card reader itself appears as vendor 0x0aec, product 0x5010, and this patch may also be compatible with other readers than mine, since a lot of them use the same chip internally.
Kernel 2.4.26
Kernel 2.4.27
Kernel 2.4.28 (new)
Kernel 2.6.4
MD Verbose messages patch
A modification of the Multiple Devices (MD) system, that allows the option to switch off verbose messages on startup and shutdown. When switched on, functionallity is identical to an unpatched kernel. When off, errors are still reported, but information is not. This speeds up boot times slightly, if many RAID devices are present, especially when using the framebuffer console driver.
Kernel 2.4.26
Kernel 2.4.27
Kernel 2.4.28 (new)
Kernel 2.6.4 - this one will be quite difficult - things have changed a lot since 2.4
Grsec port patch
Grsecurity is a Kernel patch that enhances system security. One option is to disallow access to /dev/mem, /dev/kmem and /dev/port. The first two of these is good, but I require write access to /dev/port for changing keyboard repeat rate; something I need to do frequently since I have a cheap mechanical switch-box to switch keyboards around. This results in the keyboard losing this setting when I switch it.
This patch splits the option into two, one to protect the two memory devices, the other to protect the ports. This means I can enable one and not the other.
Kernel 2.4.26 / Grsec 2.0
Kernel 2.4.27 / Grsec 2.0.1
Kernel 2.4.28 / Grsec 2.1 (new)
Kernel 2.6.4 - currently awaiting a port of GrSec to 2.6
Combined patch
This is a combination of: Maintained by me, available here. :) Yay.
Kernel 2.4.25 / Leo version 1 (raw, gzip, bzip2)
Kernel 2.4.26 / Leo version 1 (raw, gzip, bzip2)
Kernel 2.4.27 / Leo version 1 (raw, gzip, bzip2)