How to Obtain


Easiest most likely is to simply install the application using cpan, which will pull in all the dependencies.

$ cpan Circle
$ cpan Circle::FE::Gtk

Daily source

For those who want to grab all the custom perl source to build/install locally: circle-daily-src.tar.bz2

This contains both the backend and the GTK frontend source, in separate directories. Each contains a install-cpan script which will install the required dependencies from CPAN (though you may wish to check if your OS distribution already provides them first). Once these dependencies are installed, either by this script or though your OS's packages, you can then build the actual program

$ perl Build.PL
$ ./Build

Tracking development

For those who want to track development in the actual bazaar repository, and perhaps contribute.

$ bzr branch http://bazaar.leonerd.org.uk/code/circle/be circle-be
$ bzr branch http://bazaar.leonerd.org.uk/code/circle/fe-gtk circle-fe-gtk

If you have an account on cel (and you'd know if you do :) ), you can use that instead.

First, a useful bit of .ssh/config just to make bzr URLs shorter if using sftp:

Host cel
    HostName cel.leonerd.org.uk
    User whoever
Then grab circle itself:
$ bzr branch bzr+ssh://cel/var/bzr/leo/code/circle/be circle-be
$ bzr branch bzr+ssh://cel/var/bzr/leo/code/circle/fe-gtk circle-fe-gtk

How to Use

Now you can run the backend. Personally I keep UNIX sockets in $HOME/var/run but of course feel free to use whatever path you like.
$ mkdir -p ~/var/run
$ cd circle-be
$ ./circle-be --socket ~/var/run/circle.sock
Now you can run the frontend, which connects to the backend server via ssh and connects to that UNIX socket.
$ cd circle-fe-gtk
$ ./circle-fe-gtk sshunix://server/var/run/circle.sock
Then in the Global tab, create a new IRC network:
/networks add MyNet
Then in the new MyNet tab for that network, configure it and connect:
/nick Foobar
/servers add irc.mynet.org
/join #channel